5 Tips For The Weekend

Numero Uno: Stop into O’Toole’s for our $3 Mimosas, $4 Bloody Marys on both Saturday & Sunday… All Day! (Chicago Location)1452030 10151689884625919 1275592436 N







Tip 2: Get a group of friends together to enjoy rooting for our Chicago Blackhawks, playing Saturday night at 7pm.Hawx







Tip 3: Drink lots of water, and by water we mean beer. You will be better hydrated than your friend Jonny (who has been slamming shots of cheap vodka)… and that’s a tip for success.Beer222 1







Tip 4: Avoid getting hit on at the club and relax around our bar in the company of attentive bartenders, smokin’ hot servers, and the option of 48 different and delectable draught beers. (33 Draught beers at Gurnee Location)557822 10150685748445919 1177812134 N







Tip 5: If you are getting hit on, and you don't like it, take Jenna Marble’s advice and hit ‘em with one of these: The Go Away Face Jenna Marbles 25817475 500 418