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Mar 31

What's with this: “Where is Timmy”

by Angela

On our website we have this thing, maybe you’ve heard of it?

It’s called “Where Is Timmy?”

(Kind of like “Where Is Waldo”… Get me now?)Cvgdfg

Well here’s the deal. This is a 24/7 promotion which allows you to get FREE Timothy O’Toole’s gear! All you have to do is go on the website: and upload a photo of you, or the attractive stranger that you notice, wearing something with our logo on it. We ask you to fill out the simple form which allows us to send you a FREE Timothy O’Toole’s T-Shirt. Maybe you should buy this attractive stranger a beer and get better acquainted?

We love seeing where our merchandise ends up and where our patrons call home.  It’s really easy, and it’s really free. Rock one of our T- Shirts today; receive a new one for tomorrow. Teach a man how to use technology, and clothe him for an eternity with our “Where Is Timmy” Promotion!

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