We are very excited for Uday, "Our Favorite Person of the Month", because he is currently in the final 4 for the Timothy O'Toole's Regular's Bracket. Way to go! 76388 10200340791507423 1443716542 N
A big shout out to Uday's lovely wife for marrying him just last year, best wishes to this happy couple! 
We here at O'Toole's love Tuesdays. Do you want to know why we love Tuesdays? It's because Uday is a part of Pool League and Pool League plays every Tuesday night! We want to bet Uday he won't sing at karaoke this Tuesday (4/8/14)... Hmm...but maybe he will if we can get enough Blue Moons in his system (his beer of choice). So come on down to O'Toole's every Tuesday in April to congratulate "Our Favorite Person of the Month", Uday.