Who would have thought there were so many other uses for beer besides drinking it! Read below to discover 5 trendy uses for O’Toole’s beverage of choice…BEER

1)      Want to turn tired soles to frisky toes? The enzymes in beer soften callused feet! Room temperature beer and peppermint tea combined create a soothing soak for your barking dogs.

2)      Have a girl who likes DIY projects? Save your old bottles and have her make you a beer chandelier- how awesome would that look in the man cave?1701C4d935306983d3db693fdf083aa0

3)      Summers coming up… or it should be but Chicago weather makes us no promises. Regardless, it’s going to be time to get your grill on. Make a great meat tenderizer out of a “middle- of- the- road” flavor profile beer. Maybe an amber ale? Add your favorite spices to the marinade, put that puppy in a zip lock plastic bag, shake and let sit for 15 minutes to 1 hour and your all set.Beer Grill Marinade Beef Fajitas Us4x

4)      Condition your hair in a beer that has lost all of its carbonation.

Shower Beer

5)      Did your GF spill her red wine on your carpet as her and her friends got rowdy playing Bunko? No Worries, pour a little of your light beer over the spill to pull the stain out, then use a regular carpet cleaner to lift out the liquid and the smell.