• CHICAGO: 622 N. Fairbanks Ct. Chicago, IL 60611 • (312) 642-0700

Tuesday Trivia in Timmy's Back Bar hosted by Andy Carpenter!

7:30PM: Back Bar doors open
8:00PM: Trivia Starts!
8:05-10:00PM (est): Rounds 1-5 (format in Rules section next)
10:00PM: Final category revealed, teams wager points, submit entry
10:05PM: Final question asked, entries submitted
10:10-10:15PM: Scores tabulated, winners revealed
1st: $100 cash
2nd: $50 bar tab
3rd: Pick a category for next week's trivia


- Max team size = 6
- Pick a team name and submit answers under that name
- NO Cell Phone usage -- 1st warning will lead to a general warning to all, 2nd warning will be public calling out
- 5 rounds, 7-8 questions each
- Each answer equals a point, unless otherwise stated. In an event where there are multiple answers, each answer is a point.
- Tiebreaker: Fastest to drink a pint of beer through a straw wins?
- Ask questions or levy disputes in-between rounds
- Round sequence: Questions asked, repeated twice per question, then one run-through before answers submitted. I grade, then before next round, give answers, update on scores.
- Round 1: On This Day in History
- Round 2: YouTube category
- Round 3: Previously picked category by team week before
- Round 4: A/V (Either a music category, visual, map, etc)
- Round 5: Category of the Day (whatever is timely/what I feel like)
- Final round: Category given, teams submit wagers; question given, teams submit answers; scores tabulated, answer given and winners announced

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