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On February 22nd, 2019, Los Angeles-based comedian, Brody Stevens, passed away at the age of 48. If you had the privilege of seeing him perform live, you're aware his credits include: The Hangover, The Hangover II, a regular at The Comedy Store in LA, and the warm-up guy for all your favorite West Coast TV shows. He was a unique talent who was beloved by his fans and fellow comedians. Over the last few years of his life, Brody became close with many Chicago Cubs' coaches and players, often attending their spring training games in Arizona, regular season games at Wrigley Field, and live events. "He's always been a fixture in spring training," Cubs' World Series-winning manager, Joe Maddon, said of Brody. "He played ball at Arizona State. Everyone talks about how funny he was, but he's just a nice man. He had a great heart, a kind heart and were really going to miss the conversation. Because of Brody's frequent trips to Chicago, CYSK was lucky enough to have him drop by to perform on several occasions. It was always special and no performance was the same. To honor him on the anniversary of his passing, CYSK is holding a fundraiser for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.) Each show will feature the best in Chicago stand-up comedy. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to AFSP. WHERE: CYSK showroom at Timothy O'Toole's Pub 622 N. Fairbanks Ct. Chicago, IL 60611 WHEN: Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 two shows 8 PM (doors at 7) 10:30 PM (doors at 10) Drinks and food are available before, during, and after the shows. Come early and get your dink and grub on! TICKETS: $12 online $15 at the door LINE-UPS: 8 PM Blake Burkhart hosts: Vikram Balaji Marty DeRosa Steve Gerard Cameron Gillette Carly Kane Joe McMahon Ed Towns Malic White 10:30 PM Joe Kilgallon hosts: Geoffrey Asmus Jarrell Scott Barnes Bobby Budds Joe Fernandez Rebekah Gibson Marilee Paul Miller Russ Williamson Note: Line-ups are subject to change. MORE INFORMATION: - General admission - 21+ - Afterparty to follow - Drinks available before, during, and after the show - Street parking available; parking in lot on SE corner of Erie and Fairbanks $10 with validation, available at O'Toole's MORE ABOUT COMEDIANS YOU SHOULD KNOW (CYSK): Comedians You Should Know (CYSK) is a stand-up comedy showcase which started in Chicago in 2008 at the now-defunct, Fizz Bar and Grill. The show quickly gained praise from fans and comedians alike for its unwavering commitment to presenting only the funniest Chicago comedians and visiting guests from both the alt and mainstream comedy scenes. In 2010, they moved to a favorite downtown watering hole, Timothy O'Toole's Pub. Since then, the show has become a destination from anyone around the Chicago area. From hipsters to yuppies to suburbanites, to the occasional homeless person, anyone seeking the best in Chicago stand-up comedy knows, CYSK is the place to be! In addition to their showcase, CYSK has produced a whopping 20 comedy albums in their room, many of them reaching the top of the iTunes comedy chart! CYSK has gotten critical-acclaim from several media outlets, most notably The Onion A.V. Club who said: "The genuine quality of talent on display is unrivaled in Chicago." In 2015, CYSK expanded their weekly showcase to Los Angeles and then to New York City in 2016, making it the only comedian-produced, stand-up comedy showcase to be featured in the three biggest cities in the country!

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