• CHICAGO: 622 N. Fairbanks Ct. Chicago, IL 60611 • (312) 642-0700

Swerski’s Bar, a pop-up in the back room of our main bar at Timothy O’Toole’s, is a celebration of all things Bears. Named after the fictional diehard Bears Fans, the Swerski family, a Bulls”, Swerski’s gives patrons a chance to have a seat at Da Superfan’s table — literally.

Surrounded by wall-to-wall Bears paraphernalia, a faithful reproduction of the Swerksi’s Superfans set sits in one corner, letting patrons recreate classic moments from the sketch. Those that don’t already look the part can get into the spirit by grabbing a Bears sweater, Ditka sunglasses, and, yes, even a prosthetic Ditka moustache off the costume rack. The pop-up menu is filled with references to the team’s storied past, with drinks like Payton’s Punch and The Fridge, named after beloved Bears, and snacks like the Winning in 2020 Wings (we can only hope).

Swerski's Hours:

Thursday & Friday - 6:00 P.M. - Close
Saturday & Sunday - 11:00 A.M. - Close
Bears Monday Night Football Games - 6:00 P.M. - Close


Swerski's Menu:

Swerski's Menu

Swerski's Photo Gallery:


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