• GURNEE: 5572 Grand Ave. Gurnee, IL 60031 • (847) 249-0800

Come by and have some great food and see magic right at your table at Timothy O'Toole's Pub Gurnee. See impossible magic happen right at your table. Imagine! you go to Timothy O'Toole's to get a bite to eat. Someone unexpected comes to your table. You find out that it's a magician. The GREATEST MAGICIAN in the WORLD! Okay, maybe just at Timothy O'Toole's. The magician, Mark Presley starts doing magic right at your table. Everyone is laughing ! Mom's smiling, dad's smiling and little Joey who was once crying is now focused on the MAGIC that he is witnessing. Suddenly the waiter or waitress is coming in with your food. Your food took 15 minutes to come but with the magic, it seemed like 2 minutes. Come experience over the top food and entertainment that will leave you saying "Wow! that mouth watering cheesy burger, truffle fries and magic was AMAZING!" Stop by Timothy O'Toole's and see The Magic Of Mark Presley every MONDAY form 5-8

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